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Messy Nativity December 15th 2019

“We’re going on a journey, it’s going to be a long one!” We all told the nativity story together this year when we all went on the Greatest Journey. The whole cast plus a few extra animals made their way to the stable found the baby Jesus and rushed back to tell everyone, though they did have a very scary Roman to get past first! We decorated star biscuits and baubles while Pete’s group discussed the Advent reading for the day and discovered the background to some of our well known carols.

Salt of the earth, and lights in the world November 2019

We heard the story of Jesus comparing his followers to salt and light and explored what that means for us. We thought that crisps taste much better with salt, found lots of sources of light in Church to make sure we can see and be seen and decided it was no good hiding your light under a bucket, we need to shine if we are to make to difference to the lives of people around us. We made edible candles, let the light shine pictures and decorated tealight holders for the Christmas Festival. Pete's group included a quick trawl of Nantwich's salt industry through the ages! We used salt dough and a little candle for our prayers.

Toilet twinning October 2019

Praise the Lord we have our loo! We cut the ribbon with a fanfare! So thankful are we that we thought we would raise some money to twin it with another. We watched a film about school children in Uganda who were so happy to have a new tap with clean safe water and thought about how we take good sanitation for granted. We made little loo money boxes from toilet rolls, people biscuits and played build-a-bog. We learnt about the history of sanitation and the 1848 cholera outbreak in Nantwich and how we should be generous with our neighbours throughout the world. Our toilet is now twinned with a toilet block for girls in Malawi - the photo is in Church.

Jesus is the Vine September 2019

Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, and our "living vine" helped us understand what it means to stay close to Jesus and be fruitful people! We made fruity pop ups, grape buns and a fab grape vine bookmark to help us remember the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Some of us discussed the story in John's gospel as one of the signs that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.

Work rest and play August 2019

What is the Sabbath for? Different to Jesus' day but still a time to rest and refresh, re-creation in the true sense of the word. We spent time doing a photo quiz round the Church, playing ping pong and table football, decorating sun catchers and jenga while some chose the more restful discussion about how we should use our time wisely.

The Good Shepherd July 16th 2019

We learnt that we are all like sheep! We dramatised Jesus' story of the shepherd whose sheep had been scared off by a wolf. We heard that Jesus, the Good Shepherd has time for all us, whether mischievous or risk-averse, and whatever we do he will protect and care for us. Janet interviewed Phillip who told us all about caring for the sheep currently in the Vicarage garden, we made sheep buns, cards and models while Peter's group looked in detail at the reading in John's gospel.

Trinity Sunday June 16th 2019

It's a big mystery! How can 3 be 1 and 1 be 3? Today we enacted the baptism of Jesus when the voice of God the father, Jesus the Son and the Spirit as a dove were all present together. We baptised April's doll Charlotte in the mane of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, prayed like a pretzel and did the Holy Hokey Cokey! Trinity buns and a banner for the Church were worked on and Dads weren't forgotten with special badges for Father's Day. Peter's group learned about the tensions in the early Church about the the meaning of the Trinity.

Martha and Mary May 19th 2019

We were at a party in Bethany and oh dear wasn't Martha in a tizz! She had everything to arrange while her sister Mary was sitting listening to Jesus. We found that while being busy and ready to serve were good, we needed to spend time with Jesus by reading the Bible and in prayer. We decorated family sized cakes to share and designed tea towels while Peter's group explored three stories about Martha Mary and brother Lazarus. Then we enjoyed all the Middle Eastern food with our usual toast.

Palm Sunday April 14th 2019

Hosanna! We all cheered and waved our leafy branches as Jesus rode his donkey into Jerusalem at the beginning of Holy Week, then the action moved to the garden at night time when Jesus' friends were woken by a mob waving swords, come to arrest Jesus. After healing a groaning Malchus whose ear had been cut off, Jesus was taken off by soldiers. The next day he stretched out his arms and died on the cross to bring us back together in peace and we all shook hands across the aisle. We folded and tore a paper cross for our prayers, decorated Calvary cakes and made beaded crosses and key rings. Peter's group looked at Luke's account of Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem not as a warrior king but as the humble Son of God on a donkey, destined to die.

The Armour of God March 17th 2019

St Patrick and St Paul, two great Christian missionaries were our subjects in our all-action MC in March. Colonel Tim led us in some army style fun exercises to get us fit and ready for battle and we kitted our Roman soldier Sophie with the Christian's armour - the helmet of salvation, belt of truth, breast plate of righteousness, sword of the spirit, shield of faith and shoes of peace! We made shields large, small and biscuit while others discussed Paul's missionary journeys and how he came to write the letter to the Ephesians from his prison in Rome. The children then used their shields in Roman tortoise formation "standing firm together in the Lord" !

The Good Samaritan February 17th 2019

We acted out one of Jesus' most famous parables in February, the Good Samaritan and thought about God's command to "love your neighbour as you love yourself". We made sticking plaster fridge magnets, get well cards, friendship bracelets, decorated gingerbread family members and some of us discussed how the Jewish nation got on with its neighbours.

oped, the night sky twinkled and the front few rows got wet as the "flood" was unleashed! The children brought all the animals to the ark and families made up a large Christingle as we thought about what Jesus had done for us all. We made some candles - quite tricky! - and own Christingles to "light" as we sang, and then became Christingles ourselves for the prayers. Some of us discussed the bible readings associated with the symbolism of Christingle.