Insight New

Our Parishes magazine.   
No further issues of Insight will be published until further notice due to COVID-19 emergency.  
The latest issue will remain on this page the three previous issues will be on the sub pages shown at the bottom.

Important News About Insight Magazine

64 issues of Insight Magazine have been published over 8 years. During this time, it has
won 2 national awards. As you are aware, Insight Magazine paused in March last year

when we entered the first lockdown.

Charles & Sue Hull and Ena Furber, together with John Headon and first Chris Challinor
and latterly David Barrett from Church Minshull have edited Insight over the last 8
years. Charles, Sue and Ena have now indicated that they now wish to step back from this
task. We are immensely thankful to them for all they have done in faithfully producing
Insight Magazine to such a consistently high standard, and keeping us all informed.
At a recent meeting, the PCC considered carefully the future of Insight Magazine
(together with other means of communication available to us). Recognising that the 1,100
homes being built on the Kingsbourne Estate (behind the football ground) will bring the
number of houses in Acton parish to around 2,000, the PCC have regrettably decided
that it is no longer feasible to deliver a copy of the magazine to every home in the parish.

What will replace Insight?

A newsletter, similar in format to this one, will be available each month on the parish
website ( Hard copies will be posted to those who do not have
access to the internet who request them. Once it becomes possible to leave paper
around for people to pick up without fear of spreading COVID-19, hard copies will also be

available in church and from the container on the lychgate.