St Mary's Acton

Monks Lane, Acton, Nr Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 8LE   
Part of the Cross Country Group of Parishes

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On Good Friday (14 April 2017) the cross will be travelling around the parishes stopping at the 

following places for a reading, hymn and prayer.

9.30 Coffee at The Badger Inn, Church Minshull

10.00 The Badger Car Park

10.25 St David’s Wettenhall

11.15 Goodwill Hall, Faddiley

11.40 Wilbraham Road / Wilbraham Close / St Mary’s Court, Acton

12.10 The Royal Oak, Worleston

Finishing with lunch at The Royal Oak, Worleston.

Why not make a small Good Friday ‘sacrifice’ to take 2 or 3 hours to make the name of Jesus known around our parishes, and to spend some relaxed time with people from the other churches as we share a common activity. However big a sacrifice 2 or 3 hours may seem in our busy schedules, it is a small sacrifice compared with the one Jesus made that first Good Friday



A Warm Welcome to the Parish of St Mary’s, Acton, Cheshire. Whether you’re completely new to Church, an infrequent visitor or just looking for the right Church family then welcome. We have a passion to connect the timeless reality of Jesus Christ with a 21st Century generation. Not theological theory, but life-filled reality. 

As you look through the website you’ll see lots of great opportunities to meet people, connect with God and grow spiritually.

Share life together - through the many informal social activities laid on or just spending time connecting over a tea or coffee after the services.

Meet together for Worship - whether it be for quiet reflection, All Age or Holy Communion

Serve well together  - building lasting friendships as we work together serving God by serving people and the communities in which we live.

Grow together and deepen our faith - through House or discipleship groups. Time spent meeting with God and each other. 

With all sorts of people of all ages, we've got activities for the more mature, for men, for women, parents, teenagers, children, toddlers and babes in arms. 

We seek to grow closer to God, each other and the communities we serve. 

Interested? Stay and have a look round the site.
Share the passion? Then we’d love to meet you. 
Share the vision? Then why not come and join us. 

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News & Upcoming Events 

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Every Sunday
(see webpage)
Tea at the Tower, come for a chat with refreshments.

Sat 1st April

8.30am Mens Breakfast  "Mayor of Crewe" at The Badger Church Minshull All welcome.

Sat 22nd April

Two Saints Way walk see tab above

Mon 24th April

7.00pm APCM 
All in the Parish are invited to Come together every 12 Months to hear about Activities we’ve all taken Part in; to celebrate our Church Membership; to see how we can Add to our fellowship; to Pray for our Church; to find out how we’ve spent our Money. So Acton Parishioners hear the call - This is your Church and your voice Matters.