St Mary's Acton

Monks Lane, Acton, Nr Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 8LE   
Part of the Cross Country Group of Parishes


Parishioners of Acton Church

Dear Friend,

 It is with some pleasure that I write to you to bring you up to date with events at the Church. You will be aware that we have completed a burial ground extension and we are currently having a toilet  added to the church building with facilities for the disabled, made possible by bequests. Regular church services are held and the most recent development of Tea at the Tower has proved to be a considerable success with at least forty people attending sessions each Sunday.

Tea at the Tower  is a regular event each Sunday afternoon where we welcome everyone together to enjoy a cup of tea and a home-made cake, with conversation flowing both serious and not so serious, bringing people together, locals and visitors, in the pleasurable surroundings of our beautiful church. There is no charge but the donations made have significantly helped to contribute to the running of the Church, which in recent years has fallen short of income.

It is with this serious short-fall of income in mind that I want to make you aware of our intention to reinstate the previously successful  Harvest Gift Day . It used to be a regular annual feature at the Church, enabling the people of our beautiful parish to express their appreciation for the countryside and the environment in which they have chosen to make their homes. Historically, our farming community has gathered together at Harvest Festival to celebrate the sowing and the harvest, through good times and bad. This year our Harvest Festival will be on Sunday 17th September.

Mindful that in this modern world our personal harvests vary immensely, the principal remains the same and on Saturday 16th September 2017, the Church will be open all day with Clergy and Wardens and fellow parishioners in attendance. The Church will also be decorated for Harvest and light refreshments will be available. This annual event will enable you to bring your contribution to the upkeep of our wonderful Church, marking the success of your own particular harvest in 2017. We all have much to be thankful for……………….


Yours Sincerely,

Rev. Anne Lawson (on behalf of the Church Council)



A Warm Welcome to the Parish of St Mary’s, Acton, Cheshire. Whether you’re completely new to Church, an infrequent visitor or just looking for the right Church family then welcome. We have a passion to connect the timeless reality of Jesus Christ with a 21st Century generation. Not theological theory, but life-filled reality. 

As you look through the website you’ll see lots of great opportunities to meet people, connect with God and grow spiritually.

Share life together - through the many informal social activities laid on or just spending time connecting over a tea or coffee after the services.

Meet together for Worship - whether it be for quiet reflection, All Age or Holy Communion

Serve well together  - building lasting friendships as we work together serving God by serving people and the communities in which we live.

Grow together and deepen our faith - through House or discipleship groups. Time spent meeting with God and each other. 

With all sorts of people of all ages, we've got activities for the more mature, for men, for women, parents, teenagers, children, toddlers and babes in arms. 

We seek to grow closer to God, each other and the communities we serve. 

Interested? Stay and have a look round the site.
Share the passion? Then we’d love to meet you. 
Share the vision? Then why not come and join us. 

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News & Upcoming Events 

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Every Sunday
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Tea at the Tower, come for a chat with refreshments.

Sat 7th Oct
8.30am Cross Country Parishes Breakfast Group The Badger Church Minshull 
 £9 all welcome.